The most common football betting terms in 2022

The most common football betting terms in 2022

Football is known as the king of sports and is currently very popular among many people. In football betting, there are many different terms that can confuse newcomers to understand all the meanings of a match analysis today. Therefore, new players are required to spend time learning and mastering. Below, the website for odds analysis – win tips will share some common terms in football betting. Let's take a look to understand them better.

Commonly used terms in football betting

In the world of football betting, there are countless different terms. To excel in this sport, one must understand the commonly used terms in football betting.

Terms in Asian Handicap betting

For Asians, especially Vietnamese people, football is not just a recreational sport. Behind it lies incredibly appealing betting odds. Let's explore the mysteries behind these terms together.

Handicap: This is a form of odds set by the bookmaker regarding the outcome of a football match.

ODDS: The odds conversion rate when placing a bet.

Win full: Player wins the entire bet.

Lose full: Player loses the entire bet.

Win Half: Player wins half of the bet amount.

Lose Half: Player loses half of the bet amount.

Under Bet: This term refers to the underdog, the team given a handicap.

Over Bet: This term refers to the favorite, the team giving the handicap.

HT (or Half Time): The time of the first half of the match.

FT (Full Time): The time of the entire match.

PEN: Penalty shootout or penalty kick.

Level Ball or Draw Bet: This term is used to indicate a draw with equal betting odds. Usually, the odds are halved.

1/4 Handicap: This is a handicap where the ball is dropped by 1/4. If the match ends in a draw, the upper team loses half of the bet amount. Conversely, the upper team will win according to the handicap ratio. If they win with a minimum difference of 1 goal or 1 point.

Terms in European Handicap betting

Compared to Asian handicap betting, European handicap betting has some implicit rules. European handicap betting does not have handicaps but only win, draw, lose, over, under bets. Strong teams will have lower reward ratios compared to weaker teams. In European handicap betting, there are no handicaps, only betting odds. Here are some commonly used terms in European handicap betting for your reference:

1×2 Odds: The odds for football betting in Europe.

1: Bet on the home team to win.

2: Bet on the away team to win.

X: Bet on a draw between both teams.

1x: Bet on the home team to win or draw (tie).

2x: Bet on the away team to win or draw (tie).

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Terms in auxiliary football betting

Currently, the odds offered by bookmakers are not only for ongoing matches. To create excitement and interest for players, bookmakers also create some auxiliary odds.

Win to Nil Bet

Win to Nil bet, also known as To Win To Nil by bettors, is an adventurous and intense type of bet. Players will bet on their favorite team not to concede any goals.

The payout for this bet is relatively high, sometimes 2 or 3 times higher than other bets. Therefore, this bet attracts many players to participate.

Corner Kick Bet

Corner kick bet is one of the terms in football betting that many players seek nowadays. Corner kick bet is a form of bet closely related to corners, and players rely on luck here. Players do not need to care about winning or losing but only focus on the number of corner kicks.

First Ball Bet

The First Ball Bet, also known as Kick Off, is a type of bet used to stimulate players at the beginning of a match. Players only need to choose the team that will receive the first kick-off. After the ball is passed, players will immediately know the result.

Most Accurate Football Betting Analysis Experience of All Time

For newcomers, besides understanding the terms in football betting, they also need to know how to analyze the odds most accurately. Only then will they have the opportunity to win in this game. Here are some betting analysis experiences shared by experienced bettors. You can refer to them to improve your skills.

Accurately grasp the timing of analyzing bookmakers' odds

When analyzing odds, remember to choose the right time when bookmakers have just released the odds. Because when bookmakers first offer football betting odds, they usually do not have much influence on the odds. The closer to the start time of the match, the more tricks bookmakers will use.

Pay attention not to fall into traps set by betting site nigeria

This is a very important betting analysis experience that players need to pay attention to. Before placing a bet, carefully consider the odds to make a reasonable choice. Also, check the betting odds again 30 minutes before the match starts. Because European handicap and Asian handicap odds are always unpredictable.

If you notice a sudden change in the lower odds, it means the bookmaker is setting a trap. If you want to bet safely, learn how to analyze Asian handicap odds carefully.

Thoroughly research match-related information beforehand

Before placing a bet, take the time to research related information. These include player information, performance, head-to-head history, form, squad strength, etc. These are all factors that directly and indirectly affect the match.

We have shared the most commonly used terms in football betting today, as well as effective betting analysis experiences. Hopefully, after this article, you will understand more about the terms that gambling enthusiasts often use. And accumulate valuable experiences in betting analysis. The wintips betting analysis website wishes you many victories in your bets.


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